John E.L. Tenney

John E.L. Tenney is one of the most well-recognized investigators of UFO, Paranormal and Occult phenomena in America. He is the co-host, along with Chad Lindberg, of the paranormal reality show Ghost Stalkers which is currently airing on Destination America. John’s television career began in 1991 working alongside of Robert Stack for NBC’s Unsolved Mysteries. John is the author of more than a dozen books and due to his extended time involved in paranormal research he has acted as a consultant for numerous companies including, but not limited to, NBC, ABC, Discovery, History Channel, A&E, Fox, SyFy and The New York Times. He is the creator of the award-winning podcasts Realm of the Weird and Reel Lost. In 2010 John was a starring cast member in A&E’s show Paranormal State: The New Class. Mr. Tenney has been actively involved in the field of occult, paranormal, and conspiratorial research for almost three decades. His columns, spanning the fields of UFOlogy, hauntings and conspiracy theories, have been printed in magazines and newspapers world-wide, and he has lectured to numerous public and private schools, universities, organizations and clubs, it is estimated that over the past 27 years more than 75,000 people have attended one of Mr. Tenney’s signature “Weird Lectures”. In 2016 He appeared alongside Nick Groff, formerly of Ghost Adventures, as a guest investigator on the new ghost hunting show Paranormal Lockdown airing on TLC.