Cowboy House

COWBOY HOUSE is a Pittsburgh-based art collective made up of Fred Frances, Jeff Gibbons, and Mike Madsen. Each member of COWBOY HOUSE is both a writer and artist, and they work independently as often as they collaborate. Since 2010, COWBOY HOUSE has self-published over 50 minicomics and zines dealing with a wide range of subjects and themes. Mike Madsen is an artist whose work is known for its yearning metaphysical qualities as it is for his visceral, sometimes brutal line drawings. His recent books include Guts V and his ongoing allegory Storm Signal. Jeff Gibbons is a comic artist whose phenomenal skill as a draftsman and colorist is matched by his heartfelt writing, which addresses heavy themes in a way relatable even to children. His most notable work includes the ongoing all-ages science fiction adventure Helper Bot, and Pretty Jeff, a semi-autobiographical webcomic. Fred Frances is an artist, illustrator, and writer whose books, which include the recent Worry World Daypass and Primary Insomnia, are noted for their humor and formal/structural ambition.