CORPUS CORPUS – Onsmith & Nudd

Corpus Corpus is an independently published underground comix anthology produced in editions of 100. Published artists include Lilli Carre, David Sandlin, David Shrigley, Mike Diana, Jean-Louis Costes, Andy Burkholder, Edie Fake, Anya Davidson, Otto Splotch, John Maggie, Onsmith, Krystal DiFronzo, Andy Gabrysiak, and many more. Each anthology comes in a different format and includes a variety of print media, including hand drawn elements as well as loose prints. Earlier this year, all Corpus Corpus issues were acquired by the Thomas J Watson library at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY! For Comix Party, Corpus Corpus will sell all of its available editions, including three newly published volumes. Onsmith & Nudd are a collaborative comix duo from Chicago. We have published and exhibited extensively throughout the USA.