400 Bagley Ave, Detroit, MI 48226

Once a 4 star hotel and restaurant, the historic Detroit Leland Hotel opened in 1927. Back in the day, what is now City Club was the lush ballroom of the hotel. Over the years Purple Gang mobsters, Jimmy Hoffa, and the upper crust of Detroit partied the night away in the hard wood floored ballroom. Full banquets, lounge singers and casino nights were all part of this rich and lavish history.

Leland City Club was opened by Mike Higgins in 1983. Back then the name of the club was “Lidernacht” which means “Night Song” in German. Since then the club has seen many transitions – from hard core to goth, to punk, to industrial – always serving as a refuge and meeting place for the countercultural elements of the moment.

We feel that City Club is the ideal venue to represent Detroit to the wider comix / small press / independent publishing world because it embodies everything that makes Detroit a unique and amazing place. What could go wrong?


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